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Bill O’Reilly is a disgusting piece of shit.

He started attacking John Edwards for mentioning the inconvenient fact that there are 200,000 homeless vets in this country. Talking with Ed Shultz, he said that there aren’t “that many” and offered to get any homeless vet off the street if only someone could only find one.

Clearly the remarks of a completely out of touch elitist demagogue.

After being roundly criticized and rebuked, he’s now trying to backtrack in the only way he knows how: by lying. Media Matters has the video of him switching the debate entirely:

Certainly there are homeless veterans, but it’s not because of the economy. It’s mostly because of addiction and mental illness, something politicians can do little about. But if Edwards admits the truth, it takes away the class warfare issue, which is his only issue.

He’s right about the addiction and mental illness, or course, but no one is saying otherwise. (he never mentions physical disabilities for some reason). Edwards never said they are where they are because of the economy–he regularly talks about the lack of comprehensive mental health care and veterans services.

But according to him, Edwards is “demagoging” because this is “something politicians can do little about.” He’s completely wrong. It’s just his rabid right-wing brain recoils in horror at the actual solution: homeless services, affordable housing, job programs, increased services for veterans, and drug and alcohol treatment are proven to help people off the streets (especially if they can be reached early on in the process) and get them back on their feet.

On the same program Bill said, “I am living proof that you can start with very little and prosper economically if you work hard and keep it honest.” If you don’t end up a millionaire, it must be your fault.

Those of us capable of feeling empathy for other human beings understand that were our circumstances different–a runaway from an abusive household or a mentally battered veteran of war–we could be freezing on the street begging for the change of a passerby who denies that we even exist.

01.28.2008 |