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This letter was sent to the Cleveland Free Times and addressed to me.

The LAW: Supreme Court Case. State of Texas vs. (2) Guys. The Supreme Court has stated that "sodomy" or "oral sequence" is NOT in the purview of the government and the government should not be involved with (2) consenting adult males (age 18 & older) in their private space such as a house/condo/apt./trailer/motel room/hotel room/lodge/tent/add on to a truck as long as this does not become a public nuisance & it is private among adult males. That's the law! Now, some states might say, We will not obey this "law" and cause all kinds of problems for the "gay males" in our jurisdiction &/or the booty freaks who are not gay males rather passive males that other males seek for sex ...

Many years ago I dated a young man whose family was from Tajikistan. We didn't cornhole, but we did kiss and rub our things together & after we left the restaurant this young man - damn near beautiful put his arm around me and hugged me walking down the street! And another young man from Tajikistan wants me to cornhole him (hard & often). ...

01.22.2008 |