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During the television coverage of the New Hampshire primary last night Tom Brokaw showed a little humility and embarrassment for his media colleagues by saying that maybe since the polls were so wildly off and they've been predicting doom, comebacks, and sweeping tidal waves of support for various candidates all week, maybe they could cool down on the horserace coverage and cover issues instead of tears and haircuts.

Chris Matthews' brain seemed unable to process the thought. But I guess that's not surprising from a man ho wrote a book titled "Life's A Campaign."

Joe Scarbarough came on directly after Tom and seemed to offer a rebuttal saying something to the effect of, "To all the people who are going to blame the pollsters and the pundits, I say to you, is it wrong for a sports announcer to cover a game and make predictions?"

Of course, having a TV show doesn't mean you're able to create logical arguments. The difference between covering a campaign and say, announcing a horserace, is that the winner of the horserace isn't determined by votes and all the announcing of the event can't effect whether Seabiscut beats out Black Beauty. A frightening amount of people vote for a candidate based on looks, likability, and the perception that they can win an election. If Joe doesn't understand this simple concept he should be fired. With most people getting their news from TV and the media fixating on the politicians with the biggest war chests, I suppose it's just a coincidence that they get the most votes.
01.09.2008 |