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First of all, whenever I hear anything described as a heartless
assault on our children, I tend to think it’s a good idea.
-Bill Kristol

If punditry worked like any other profession, serial liars and perpetually wrong morons like Bill Kristol would be ripping tickets at a movie theater. Instead he just landed a gig at the New York Times as a columnist. Is there really a need for a neoconservative warmonger on the most popular editorial page in the country just to appeal to conservatives who hate the paper? The Wall Street Journal hasn’t felt the need to add Naomi Klein as a columnist.

The editorial page editor said he doesn’t get the uproar over hiring people with “opposing views.” It’s not opposing views I’m mad about–by all means choose from any number of qualified conservative or libertarian thinkers–just don’t pick the worst pundit currently working, one who called for your paper to be prosecuted.

The New York Times can find space for a Kristol column but can’t find the space for a single editorial cartoon any day of the week. And for that they should be prosecuted.

The Beast is out with this year’s Loathsome List. Here’s Kristol’s entry:

Bears the burlesque Cheshire grin of a sophist born with a large silver spoon jammed sideways in his mouth. A second generation neocon raised in the tradition of Straussian perception management and myth creation, Kristol is basically lying about everything — always — and he knows it. …. Bill is arguably the most egregious media hawk of a generation. Seems to have suffered no ill impact to his career or prestige despite having been completely wrong about everything to do with Iraq and Iran, and actually laughs about it with obnoxious frequency.

01.07.2008 |