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2008 is going to be my biggest, busiest year ever. This will be my first full year as a syndicated cartoonist doing three comics a week and I can't think of a better time for that than an election year. I've spoken with a small number of young white college students in Iowa and they want "change" in their comics. All my editorial cartoons will now feature Donkeys and Elephants talking while holding giant newspapers that have explanations of the comic on them. I kid.

All of my illustration work has pretty much been dumped for the time being to take up some comic gigs. The first project out of the gate will be a bi-weekly comic strip for the ACLU titled "Civil Discourse." I mentioned this a few months ago and it's finally going forward soon. It will focus on everything from the War On Drugs to kids at high schools getting yelled at by mean teachers and will be slightly larger in format to my regular political cartoons so I can stretch out with the art a bit.

War Is Boring will continue and will see David go to Somalia, Iraq, and more places yet to be determined.

One project I'd finally like to do, if I have any extra time or money, is publish a collection of my best editorial cartoons. I thought I was going to have one last fall but plans fell through. I may take the slow approach with it this year and see if I can get it out.

With all of these projects and the Weekly Woof kids strip (as well as a top secret long term project) I'm set to draw around 300 comics in 2008.

Blogging will continue. Check back often to see if I've gone insane from sleep deprivation.
01.07.2008 |