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For Torture Before She Was Against It

Nancy Pelosi and other democrats were briefed years ago on our illegal torture archipelago setup throughout the world. Not only did they stay mum about this program, but apparently didn’t object or even ask any questions about it at the time. Apologists point to the post 9/11 climate of fear or the fact that the briefings were by the CIA and thus secretive. None of this makes any sense. Glenn Greenwald says it perfectly:

the whole point of their being briefed is that they are expected to engage in oversight, which means that they are supposed to do something when they learn that the President and the CIA are breaking the law.

Why would they even bother to go to the briefings if they tell themselves ahead of time: “even if intelligence officials confess to serial, deliberate lawbreaking and vow to continue breaking the law, there is absoultely nothing I can do about it, because I’m sworn to secrecy”? That’s absurd. Their obligation to maintain the secrecy of classified information applies to proper and legal intelligence activities.

This is what we have for an opposition party. I’ll ask yet again: what exactly could this administration do to warrant censure/impeachment/imprisonment/exile?

12.19.2007 |