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Original Art for Charity

It occurred to me that perhaps I could use this season of giving to raise some money for charity by selling an original and do some good in a small way instead of merely commenting on issues with comics. If you are a fan, here's your excuse to splurge on some original art and feel good about it.

So I'm offering my last cartoon on homeless veterans for the usual price I would sell an original for: $150, but all of the money (including some more I'll add on) will be donated to the National Coalition for Homeless Vets which you can read about here. You pay me and I'll send you the original, a color print if you want it and a receipt for the donation.

My originals are inked and hand-lettered on an 8.5x11 piece of bristol board and is suitable for framing.

If you are interested, please e-mail me to set up payment: mattbors--[at]--mattbors-~dot~-[com]
12.04.2007 |