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The Idaho Statesman has an article that has more allegations from gay men that Sen. Larry Craig had or solicited sex from them (via ThinkProgress). The thing that caught me was how it starts:
four gay men, willing to put their names in print and whose allegations can’t be disproved, have come forward since news of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig’s guilty plea. They say they had sex with Craig or that he made a sexual advance or that he paid them unusual attention.
No one really doubts that Larry Craig had gay sex. The toe tapping and his absurd denial was enough to push us over the reasonable doubt threshold. But what sort of responsible journalist would qualify claims because they "can’t be disproved"? Most claims can't be disproved. Usually when people claim something--that the Earth is 6,000 years old, that they are an alien, that someone solicited sex in a men's room--the burden of proof falls on them to actually prove it, not just make statements and challenge others to prove them wrong.
12.02.2007 |