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Check out the video of Bill Maher going off on some 9/11 "truthers" that infiltrated his audience and wouldn't let his show proceed. Apparently yelling shit about building 7 over and over makes you right. Since their views are not founded in reality, they have to do this to get attention in the media (if only real religions were treated like this we'd be in good shape).

I love Maher's show and have seen him combat these loons a few times--usually members of the panel.

I saw some so-called truthers yesterday when I was out and about in Portland. They were waving signs about 9/11 being an inside job. The most mind-blowing part was that cars were constantly honking to show support. Their misunderstanding of what happened that day has turned into a true religious movement.

When you are shouting and waving a cardboard sign on a street corner--regardless of what you are advocating--it's time to reevaluate your belief system.
10.22.2007 |