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Sponsor A Cartoonist, Receive Original Art!

The offer has been taken up.

John Bolton, the former UN Ambassador who is insane, is coming to Portland and I need you to help me see him. He will be debating Lee Hamilton (of the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report) on foreign policy November 7th.

For $75 you can send me to this debate. In return I will report back on the event with a comic that will be sent out to all my papers through my syndicate and I will mail you the original artwork (details below).

This man is a cartoonist's dream--he looks awesome and is totally insane. Below are some photo realistic portraits I've drawn of him in the past.

This has has the potential for comedy gold folks. Not only is Bolton a gem by himself, but I promise to try and give him a print of this comic. Also, I suspect 9/11 "truthers" will be there in full force to protest Lee Hamilton, who also served on the 9/11 commission.

Why am I doing it this way? Well, I want to go and think it will be fun to do a cartoon about. The event costs $25 dollars to attend and I'm poor now that I bought a shiny new computer. This way I can make a little money and offer someone an original for rock bottom price.

I won't go to draw a cartoon unless someone takes up the offer.

What you get:
  • An original piece of artwork at half the rate I would normally sell it. I draw my cartoons on 8.5 x 11 bristol board and hand letter them. the artwork itself measures approximately 7.5 x 10.5and will look great framed.
  • tearsheets of the comic in print in the newspapers that run it.
  • An investment! Since I sell artwork starting at $125, your artwork will instantly appreciate! The plan is to do political cartoons for decades to come. Surely, after I become a famous reality TV star, my artwork will be a highly desired commodity.
please e-mail me if you are interested: idiotbox---at---mattbors--dot-- com

10.15.2007 |