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Our Brave Senate

Following the Right-Wing’s fake outrage over the “Betray Us” ad, the Democrats decided to fake some outrage themselves and show they were more troop-loving than the other side by wasting an entire week denouncing Rush Limbaugh’s “Phony Soldiers” comment.

Harry Reid wrote a letter to pressure Clear Channel into apologizing for these statements. Apparently, he thinks the role of the Senate is to decide what is offensive to soldiers and condemn speech from the floor. Reid wanted to see if Republicans would be consistent and condemn Rush. But unlike the numerous Dems who voted to condemn, not one Republican signed on.

He forgot that only Democrats piss their pants when a non-binding resolution is introduced to condemn people who say something controversial. They actually fired back with a resolution supporting Rush’s über troop-loving statements throughout the years.

Whenever the Democratic party tries to out-Republican the Republicans they lose horribly.

10.12.2007 |