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I caught some cartoons this morning that are funny and make great points. They deal with the outrage surrounding the "General Betray Us" ad placed in the New York Times by, which led to the Senate condemning it in a political stunt that many Democrats caved in to.

Jen's latest Slowpoke details Conservative comfort levels with besmirching Men In Uniform. She writes on her blog:
I wasn't going to do a strip about the Petraeus hearings or the MoveOn ad...

Then the U.S. Senate decided to wade into the matter. In an astonishing swipe at the First Amendment, they sanctimoniously declared Gen. Petraeus to be off-limits to criticism, with 25 craven Democrats -- including my own Jim Webb, for whom I went door-to-door in a trailer park -- voting for the resolution. That did it.
August's especially makes a good point. The Right-Wingers who wanted us to "Buy Danish" during the Mohammad cartoon controversy should be sending donations to MoveOn and calling for all American newspapers to print the Petraeus ad. Instead they are calling for treason charges.

Kelly Ferguson speculates on what might have transpired in the MoveOn brainstorming session.
09.24.2007 |