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Announcement: Syndication With United Feature Syndicate

Beginning today my comics will be syndicated with United Feature. From now on I will be drawing three comics a week.
Starting Monday, September 24, United Feature Syndicate will distribute the distinctive work of editorial cartoonist Matt Bors. Bors relentlessly skewers the latest absurdities of American politics and culture through his editorial cartoons. From war to religion to obsessive lawn care, Bors' cartoons dissect and expose the news--avoiding the Donkeys and Elephants of many of his peers--to make readers think and laugh about real issues (as well as the pressing matter of obsessive lawn care.).

“Matt Bors is one of the most original and talented young cartoonists around,” said Ted Rall, Acquisition and Development Editor for United Media. “He infuses the traditional format of editorial cartooning with comic-strip structures and biting humor. Bors’ exciting work is helping to reinvigorate political graphic humor.”
Ted approached me about this over a year ago and it's finally come to fruition. It was a long process, but well worth it. You may remember last year about this time I was doing 2-3 comics a week with some one panels thrown in the mix. The syndicate wanted to see if I could do good comics at that pace and some one panels as well as my usual multi-panel stuff. I'll be mixing things up and doing about one single panel cartoon a week from now on.

Needless to say, I'm excited about this. Most artists, especially of the "alternative" streak, aren't given this opportunity by the syndicates. I think that is what United is trying to do by bringing in people like Tak Toyoshima, Richard Stevens, and myself--trying to appeal to a younger crowd so that the entire audience for print media isn't dead of old age in ten years.

You can expect the same type of comics you always get from me. I won't be watering down my humor or having a massive influx in labeled Donkeys now that I'm syndicated (they love me for who I am). The only thing I can't do is use so-called offensive words like "fuck" and draw things like babies being flayed alive, so I think I can make the sacrifice. With the increase in output I'm looking forward to tackling some issues I wouldn't have done with only one cartoon a week.

09.24.2007 |