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Front Page News on my doorstep this morning regarding Portland's Mayor, Tom Potter:
Freshly back from vacation, Potter is sporting a brand-new and well-groomed gray beard he grew while camping. Asked whether he plans to keep the beard, Potter suggested a public referendum.
Yes, really. You can leave comments at the Oregonian's City Hall blog to indicate your leanings. It's ridiculous, but as a pro-beard partisan I'm glad that the idea of wearing one can even be entertained by a politician. Most of the time it's a deal breaker. Of all the things you cannot be while running for President--atheist, gay, sensible--having a beard just won't fly with the voters. Our early Presidents, what with their giant sideburns and mustachioed faces, would be appalled.

As a bearded one myself, I hope Potter keeps the scruff so we can continue to reclaim this manly tradition from such wretched groups as the Amish and Taliban.
09.06.2007 |