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New Toon: Are The Candidates White Enough?

I’ve never heard anyone in real life talk about Barack Obama’s degree of blackness, but then, I am a near-hermit so I might not be the best judge of the “National Discussion.” I do know that most pundits and writers seem to make an ass of themselves while talking about it.

Here’s Time back when Biden made the “articulate” comment:

Obama is biracial, and has a direct connection with Africa. He is articulate, young and handsome. He does not feel the need to yell “Reparations now!” into any available microphone.

Because, you know, people with two black parents do that a lot.

Then there is this segment from Tucker Carlson highlighted by MediaMatters. He took up the question of blackness with two other white pundits. It’s odd they didn’t ask any black people to come on while trying to figure out what the debate is all about. But MediaMatters draw your attention to some rather droll exchanges:

TUCKER: This week, a meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists will confront the very topic. The conversation comes before Obama addresses that group on Friday. What exactly do people mean when they talk about Obama’s quote, “blackness”? Is it a fair question? Is it an understandable reflection of American society, or is it a racist jab by its very existence?

The bold type is supposed to represent a controversial statement MediaMatters want you to write the show and gripe about. I’m not sure what was so uncouth about that line.

08.16.2007 |