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Fight For Your Right…To Parody!

An allegedly "callous" cartoon by Tom Toles generated some mail to the Washington Post for using Todd Beamer's "Let's Roll" in a way that didn't promote war. One reader qualifies himself for comment by beginning the letter "As a frequent flier..." and goes on to say "Many Americans have died in battle so that you may publish your newspaper as you see fit."

This overused retort by conservatives and the military-obsessed always bothered me. These are the same people who say we'd all be "speaking German" right now if liberals had their way (giving Hitler's Germany an incredible benefit of the doubt in waging a successful Trans-Atlantic invasion of the North American Continent). The truth is, after the Revolutionary War, most rights weren't fought for in Wars. Sorry.

People did die in battle for our rights, but most of them were in the streets of America and Colorado Mining towns.

(via Daily Cartoonist)

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08.14.2007 |