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Rudy Giulinai: Asked about HIV, He Answers With 9/11

Asked about increasing federal support for HIV medications, Giuliani discussed what he considers appropriate federal responsibility in health care. "I don't want to promise you the federal government will take over the role," he said, drawing applause and shouts of "all right." Then, in some interesting twists, he turned the HIV question into a 9/11 answer:

"My general experience has been that the federal government works best when it helps and assists and encourages and sets guidelines… on a state-by-state, locality-by-locality basis. It's no different from the way I look at homeland security. Maybe having been mayor of the city, I know that your first defense against terrorist attack is that local police station, or that local firehouse."
Then later he just lies about healthcare:
"We don't want socialized medicine. Maybe you should go see 'Sicko,' see if you agree with Michael Moore that we should have the Cuban health care system. That's where the Democrats are taking us… All the places that have government-run health care, it's inferior to us."
That's just a lie. France, Spain, Italy--all have superior systems. In fact, we are ranked 37th in the world, just a few spots above a poor communist dictatorship called Cuba. Yay for us!

In Thursday's comic, I'll show the dark side of the free Guantanamo Bay healthcare system.
07.24.2007 |