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I’m releasing this week’s cartoon early, as I am headed to DC to attend the 50th Anniversary Convention of the AAEC. This is the same comic that is featured in the Union of Concerned Scientists contest right now (which you should go vote in). This will be my first time attending an AAEC convention and should be a blast. Dennis Kucinich is delivering the keynote address at the main dinner, which should be kind of odd seeing as how he’s never been portrayed very positively in editorial cartoons. Also in attendance will be the Danish publisher of the infamous Muhammad cartoons and just about every pro in the biz.

And I’m going to remind you one last time: Cartoonists with Attitude is having a book signing and slideshow at Borders in Washington, DC on July 7th @ 2pm! If you like editorial cartoons at all, you can’t miss this! Check out the massive roster:

More info here.

I’ll be back in a week, but don’t forget! You can purchase shirts and collections of my strips in the store.

07.02.2007 |