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New Illo: Spare the Child

The down side of the whole "free love" movement in the 60s was the rise of bizarre cults who took the sexual revolution a little far. The Children of God, or the Family as they dub themselves now, top the list as the most whacked out hippies.

This OC Weekly cover story was about Amy Bril , who wants "to make sure her kids don’t grow up like she did—inside the notorious cult known as the Family." The image on the cover was one of her childhood, where she danced for the members of the cult while being filmed for some wackadoo ritual right before being molested. (one of their defining characteristics is having sex with children).

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I was originally asked to just draw her walking alone in a forest. It was then decided to add the dancing in with cult members looking on. Also, the landscape had to be more reminiscent of Japan, where the incident happened.

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The third was chosen with virtually no changes and:

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06.11.2007 |