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Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela (and Masheka)

Fellow CWA colleagues and romantically linked ink slingers Mikhaela Reid and Masheka Wood have just come out with new collections of their work. I recommend them both--they are great cartoons and are self-published, so the money goes straight to the artists.

Check out their online store where you can preview some of the books.

Mikhaela, the "angry cartoonist" behind the political strip Boiling Point, delivers Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela, a collection of 150 comics and behind the scenes commentary with an introduction by Ted Rall. Here's the description:

Bushies are bum-rushing Cheney's secret bunker! Ex-gays are quaking in their closets! Abstinence educators are shivering in their purity rings! Greedy CEOs are heading for the hills and Minutemen are bolting for the border! Mikhaela Reid is on the rampage—and no hypocrite is safe!
Masheka offers up Deep Doodle, a 56 page collection of hist best work that "takes you deep into the warped, candy-colored recesses of his brain as he tackles a variety of social, political and just plain grody targets." check out the cool cover!

06.10.2007 |