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Cagle posted about the early Falwell cartoons and the Tinky Winky "Yahtzee," which is his term for the common gag that comes out from Editorial Cartoonists the day after a celebrities death or major event. I'm included in the roundup, but proud to be (or baffled that I am) the only one who depicted him in Hell.

And I tried posting the YouTube video yesterday, but couldn't get it to work. This segment on AC360 with Christopher Hitchens was the most honest assessment of Falwell's life I heard. I just finished reading his new book, god is not Great, and it was delightfully vicious take down of religion. Meanwhile, Falwell's pious hucksters counterparts Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were out--inserting themselves in the day's news as usual--noting that while they disagreed with Falwell he had a "heart of gold" and was "a good friend."
05.17.2007 |