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I haven't posted a lot lately as I've been busily working on various freelance and comic related projects. Check the one pager I posted yesterday. A few more of those should be coming out over the next month.

A major project I set out to do earlier this year was illustrating a graphic novel, the sequel to David Axe's War Fix. I illustrated the first 7 pages of the story but it was rejected by the Publisher. Or more specifically, I was rejected due to the Publisher's dislike of my artwork. Page 3 of that sample is pictured below. Judge for yourself.

click to enlarge

Someone else is on that book now, but David and I continue to work together on his site War Is Boring. The latest strip we've done (#11) can be read here. I illustrated a more in depth version of this strip explaining the riot and situation in East Timor that will appear in next month's issue of VICE magazine as a three page comic. I'll keep you posted when and if that is made available online.

And you can now read the War Is Boring comic strip every other week in the Columbia City Paper in South Carolina.

Other projects are in the wings as well, so I'm going to get back to work!
05.07.2007 |