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John Citrone, the Editor of the Alt Paper Folio Weekly, has been kicked off his guest slot on a morning show for making a joke about brush fires. From AAN:
...He usually said something funny about the previous segment. In this case, it was a segment about the fires, and Citrone, admittedly not knowing about their severity and wanting to have a little fun with an interstate rivalry, asked "in a Groucho Marx-y" way, "Do we really care if Georgia burns?"
He offered to apologize on air, but wasn't allowed on the show again. He wrote:
"At the time the remark was made, I heard only a portion of the report and assumed it was a minor forest fire. Unaware of the gravity of the situation, I put my giant foot in my mouth. But there is no excusing my remark."
Great business decision in not letting him back on air for the apology. Who knows, he may have made another joke that offended someone.
04.19.2007 |