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Introduction where, to avoid confusion, I let you know, that yes, I too think Don Imus’ comments were sexist and racist and he should have apologized or better yet not said them. Now…

Don Imus has been doing what he does–did–for decades, no surprises there. If you think “nappy-headed hos” qualifies for a firing, we are in for a revolution on the airwaves–most hosts will be gone soon. If you think the FCC should regulate offensive speech, you’re fucked up. Let me be clear, I don’t really have a problem with people being fired for saying racist things if their employer deems it necessary. My problem is with these organized campaigns by people who don’t even listen to the program but want to write the broadcaster (or whoever) and demand the person be fired. What kind of person does that sort of thing?

Liberals are going way over the top with the censorship campaign. On Alternet, Earl Ofari Hutchinson makes a “progressive” case for censorship that sounds like it was taken out of the Right-Wing Christian Fascist Playbook:


Now that Imus is officially out, the question is will Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the civil rights leaders, black professional and women’s groups march on say a company such as Koch Records and demand that they pull Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming album, The Big Squeeze?

They should, and that means ignoring Snoop’s loud protest that he’s no Don Imus. He’s not, he’s worse.


Why on Earth should a record company pull an album guaranteed to sell millions just because people who will never buy it anyway don’t like it? Not that there should be any threshold, but if we set it at saying “bitches and hos” we’ll have to take half the music out of the stores. Are we going to go after Elvis for gyrating his hips next?


While Imus’s “nappy headed hos” slur has been plastered all over creation, the “B” “H,” and expletive-laced rant that Snoop unleashed against Imus, has barely got a squint of mention.

His R rated words are so vile they can’t be printed in adult company. But here’s the gist of what he said. He gave veiled praise to the Rutgers women basketball players as ladies of distinction.


The words can’t be printed? I hate a lot of the violence, glorifying of drug dealing, misogyny, and homophobia in rap. That’s why I don’t buy a lot of it that is like that. I’ve always thought of Snoop as more of a cartoon character anyway. Who doesn’t like the classic album Doggystyle? The lyrics are atrocious, but it’s a great album.

When Hutchinson laments song titles like “F—-in is Good for U” he sounds like a Christian fanatic. He also denies the reality that Snoop is right: Fuckin is Good for U. And when Snoop sings:

Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice
Laid back…with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

It doesn’t cause me to drive drunk and high while obsessing over my bank account. It causes me to bob my head at a fucking party.

Rap, Talk Radio, America, the fucking planet has race issues. They won’t go away by banning it.

Finally, a very succinct comic by Ann Telnaes and a funny one by Mike Lester.

Ann Telnaes
New York Times Syndicate
Apr 17, 2007
Mike Lester
Rome News Tribune
Apr 17, 2007
04.18.2007 |