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Media Matters goes after comics

Media Matters has an item linked to on their front page about a cartoon by Bob Gorrell (they don't make note of the creator) posted at, a right-wing website that doesn't care what Media Matters thinks. The page urges readers to "TAKE ACTION!" against the posting of this comic and labeling it as part of "The Funnies."

The cartoon in question is here. Pretty stupid, I'm not sure what Gorrell is getting at. But nonetheless, is able to post a graphic of something they think is funny? Who really cares? The cartoon is posted on numerous websites including the AAEC. Will Media Matters call on the AAEC to remove the comic?

Many Liberal cartoons, including my own, demonize politicians. I plan on demonizing, ridiculing, and attacking them for as long as I live. Can conservatives do the same?

Media Matters is a good site when it points out errors and distortions of the press. But more and more I see them commenting on speech that's not incorrect, but just something they disagree with.
04.17.2007 |