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Unfortunately, my last cover illustration for the OC Weekly had a huge error in it. The Weekly printed this in their latest paper:
I am writing you to air out my disappointment in your recent front-page illustration of “Blind Spot” and inmate John Chamberlain. The front-page art of this article clearly depicts a bloody white man with two distinctly obvious Mexican inmates in the background. In reading the article, it stated it was several white men who beat John to death. So why then do you have two Mexicans as the apparent assailants on the front cover? This is clearly a misleading front page and is just adding to a stereotypical belief that violent inmates are only of Latino and African-American ethnicity.
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Editor’s note: As the preceding letter correctly states, Matt Bors’ cover illustration did not accurately depict the account of John Chamberlain’s death described in Nick Schou’s story. The illustrator and the Weekly regret the error.
So just for the record, this isn't my "nappy-headed ho's" moment. If you're interested in learning a bit more as to how it ended up this way, check my answer to a commenter in this blog post.

04.13.2007 |