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New Illustration: Blind Spot

I illustrated the cover to last week's OC Weekly for a story entitled Blind Spot. John Chamberlain, who was in jail for child pornography charges, was brutally murdered by up to 20 prisoners. It was the first murder in an OC prison in 18 years and there is reason to believe the guards ordered a beating on him.

Child molesters and rapists don't usually get off lightly in prison. Murderers, Gangbangers, and armed robbers apparently feel morally superior to those people and beat the shit out them regularly. Chamberlain was not in prison for molesting any children himself, but having nude photos of children he somehow obtained.

Unfortunately I lost all my cover sketches so I can only show you the finals.

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And here are three spots detailing scenes in the story. In the first, he made a call to his ex-girlfriend, trying to get his public defender to get him in protective custody. He was feeling threatened by both the inmates and the guards. The second shows the guards in their little control tower at the center of the cell block. They can monitor everywhere except for a few blind spots where they took Chamberlain to die (hence the title of the article). The final one shows his beaten body and an inmate with a pencil. After they beat him for 20 minutes a few inmates pissed on him and one sodomized him with a pencil. nice crew of guys.

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04.04.2007 |