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I recently picked up Killed Cartoons: Casualties In The War On Expression Edited by David Wallis, who previously Edited Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot To Print. The book features killed comics and the stories behind their death, including comics from CWA members Ted Rall, Mikhaela Reed, and Keith Knight.

Sprinkled in between the comics are a few killed illustrations that are extremely tame and shouldn't have been included. But I guess I'm a little biased as to why--I submitted the one cartoon of mine that was killed but it didn't make the cut. In fact, many of the cartoons themselves are tame. It's is a great resource for those interested in political cartooning, but don't prepare to be blown away by the controversial nature of the comics. This book is really a testament to timid Editors and depressing to an artist who sees the various offenses you can't get away with on an Editorial page.
03.27.2007 |