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An anonymous fan gets my Janitor/CEOs comics all wrong. I'd apologize but for not being clear enough,, but everybody else seemed to get it. Plus they're an asshole.
If crayon scribblers had real jobs, they wouldn't be
so quick to poke fun at people who perform hard and
unpleasant work and then must endure rude barbs from
those who think themselves superior.

There hasn't been a decent joke in your strip in
weeks. Your art compares favorably to most 3rd
graders. The board is forcing you out, you've been
replaced by someone with a concept of, and compassion
for workers, a junkyard guard dog.

Your severance pay is a box of brown crayons and
appropriate media for your idea of humor.. a case of
Pampers, you eliteist (sic) asshole.
Longtime correspondent Lloyd Hillstrand writes:
Winner after Winner! That's what we Bring to our Readers!

What happens when that perfect small cap issue releases astounding news
and gets a massive PR campaign behind it? It Takes Off!!!

Irwin Resources (IWRS)
Last $0.50
Target $1.50

Do not miss this one. These small caps Really Fly when people take
notice, and Believe us they are going to take notice this Friday!
Thanks Lloyd!
03.23.2007 |