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New Toon: If Janitors were like CEOs 2

Here is the second part of this comic. I’m sick and don’t have much desire to write so I’ll refer you to Jim Hightower on Hank McKinnell, the inspiration for this comic:

For the past five years, he’s been the top dog at Pfizer Inc. On his watch, this drug giant has seen its stock price plummet by 40 percent and has come under federal investigation for its marketing practices. So, last year, Pfizer’s board forced McKinnell into early retirement – i.e., they gave him the boot.

But what a cushy boot it was, padded with an unbelievable puffiness of dollar bills! For starters, Hank was handed a lump sum severance of nearly $12 million. Then he was given some $6 million dollars in stock grants, plus $2 million as a bonus payment. Yes, a bonus for failure! Also, he was paid some $900,000 for unused vacation time and for benefits he would have received had he not been… well, fired.

And here’s an especially sweet one: McKinnell, 63 years old, is to get an annual pension of $6.6 million. That’s 6.6 million every years until he dies! Hank’s total “go-away” package amounts to more than $180 million.

I don’t have a pension so go to the store for my strip collections and cool shirts.

03.15.2007 |