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It’s That Time Again…

The time where I ask you, dear reader, for your help. If you enjoy reading my comics every week here for free, there are two things you can do to ensure they keep appearing and I make enough money to keep this website running.

Write the Editor of your local altweekly. I can't stress this enough. Please if you live in a city that has a free weekly paper and you enjoy my strips, take a moment to write their Editor and tell them. Maybe send them a link to the site. Their e-mail should be relatively easy to find in the paper's Masthead or on their website (this will help). Many times Editors only receive mail when people are bothered enough by something to write in. One e-mail could go a long way.

Buy something from the store. You have to spend money for this one, but you get cool things in return. I have cheap collections of my strips not available on the site and shirts I made myself for a mere five dollars. Also, copies of Attitude 3: The Subversive Online Cartoonist can be purchased. It has interviews and cartoons from 21 web cartoonists including myself and I'll do a little sketch in it for you.
03.15.2007 |