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Atheist Cabal in Congress grows to 1

The conspiracy theory of Bill O' Reilly and most right-wing Christians is that secular humanists are waging a secret war to turn America away from God.

In fact, the Secular Humanist's tentacles are so far reaching that it's 2007 and a Liberal Congressman from the Bay Area can now feel comfortable admitting to not believing in an invisible man in the sky.
Secular groups Monday applauded a public acknowledgment by Rep. Pete Stark that he does not believe in a supreme being, making the Fremont Democrat the first member of Congress — and the highest-ranking elected official in the U.S. — to publicly acknowledge not believing in God.
I imagine there are some others but this poll at the end of the article illustrates why they don't admit to not believing in the supernatural claims of old books.
A USA Today/Gallup poll last month found that 45% of respondents said they would vote for a "well qualified" presidential candidate who was an atheist. Ninety-five percent said they would vote for a Catholic candidate, 92% a Jewish candidate and 72% a Mormon candidate.
03.13.2007 |