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Speaking of Religion, I just finished watching one of the best films of the last half century: The Nun, which was snubbed by the Academy in 2004:
While at boarding school, a group of girls suffered under the torment of a cruel and sadistic nun until the day they could no longer bear the abuseƂ? and the nun was mysteriously never seen again. Years later, brutal and unexplained murders begin killing the members one by one. Feeling the familiar and evil presence of the nun from years ago, the surviving women regroup in an attempt to save their lives and lay the nun to rest one final time.
Tagline: Not all water is Holy

The Nun was drowned by the children whom she tortured and now (18 years later) manifests herself through water to kill her victims in the manner of Patron Saints. Although she didn't come close to the terror of the Gingerdead Man, I'm putting the Nun up there with top female villains Nurse Ratched and Anne Wilkes.
02.25.2007 |