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New Toon: The Piece Of Paper That Did Nothing

Democrats passed a non-binding resolution saying they disapprove of Bush’s surge plan. I hope we didn’t vote them into office to pass non-binding measures all year.

Bush hasn’t cared what Congress thinks for a while now. The criticism from Pro-War Republicans is valid: If Democrats think the surge is wrong, if the war is wrong and people are needlessly dying, why won’t they vote to cut off funds?

Democrats can reposition themselves, have debates, and “rebuke” the President all they want. It’s certainly a lot better than what was happening a year ago in Washington, but it doesn’t change a thing in Iraq if they don’t end the war. Perhaps I’m being too harsh and that is what they are slowly trying to do–erode support for the President, force Senators to take positions, and take time to sell to the public that cutting off funding isn’t an Anti-American plot to leave our soldiers without food and water stranded in the desert. But I don’t have that much faith in the Democrats.

If anyone that voted for this resolution won’t cut off funds when the time comes (and it’s been time), they are a coward.

Thursday: another take on the resolution.

02.19.2007 |