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New Toon: Haggard’s Gay Therapy Survival Guide

Ted Haggard was back in the news last week. After three weeks of therapy he is “completely heterosexual.” This comic theorizes how he may have made it through those trying weeks. Ex-Gay therapy is a disgusting movement and I feel bad for the people in it–except Haggard. I wish him a long life of struggle and a deteriorating marriage while struggling with his natural urges of homosexuality.

I was really frustrated with this comic. I loved the script but hate my inconsistent portrayal of Haggard’s grinning horse face. I had to cut down on some of the material in order to fit it into six panels, so I decided to put them in another comic that will be out on Thursday. It has a decent caricature of him so I won’t be killing myself as previously planned after finishing this one.

02.13.2007 |