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As everyone except newspaper editors know, most daily comics suck. The comics page is overflowing with garbage, much of it by dead people. Another good chunk is by uncredited ghost artists, joke writers, and credited copycat artists carrying on a 70 year old strip. Some of it is funny (Pearls Before Swine comes to mind).

United Media is making an attempt to not just get new blood (ink?) into the comics page, but strips that are actually good.

Diesel Sweeties by Richard Stevens is their first attempt and it's had a pretty successful launch. It appeared in Attitude 3 last year (along with myself) and as far as I know is the first comic to make the jump from being an extremely popular webcomic to a syndication deal. It's also a pixel comic created entirely on computer which makes its' appearance in newspapers even that more astounding. He got what seems to be an unprecedented good deal with the syndicate: He controls his merchandise and makes web-only Diesel Sweeties for his website. The syndicated strips are here. Hopefully there will be more interest by syndicates and Editors to get exciting material in the microscopic slots they alot the dailies these days.

United has also launched fellow C.W.A. member Stephanie McMillan's Minimum Security comic as a web only feature Monday through Friday. Read it here.
02.09.2007 |