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This No Spanking law that has been introduced in California is a perfect example to me of something you shouldn’t do versus something there needs to be a law against. Spanking your children, especially when they are under 3, is an ignorant and uncreative way of parenting, but making a law against it seems equally stupid. Child abuse is already illegal. So how do we enforce spanking? This law makes it all illegal, so even a light swat is punishable by fine or imprisonment. It also prevents children under three from being spanked. Have your third birthday party yesterday? Welcome to the world, kid. Time for a spanking.

And when liberals from San Francisco say “Things have changed. Now we tell parents what to do,” I couldn’t write a better quote for right-wingers decrying the “Nanny State”.

Also, I caught some show called Supper Nanny or something with these unruly brats. There was this little six year old running around talking shit and hitting people. I’m for passing a law requiring his parents to beat him with a clothes hanger.

Next Week: comics on more important subjects.

02.08.2007 |