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A recent comic I did featured Sylvia Brown and I wanted to write a quick thing about her, but didn't have internet access when the comic came out. Well, she's back in the news. Turns out she told the distraught parents of a then-missing Shawn Hornbeck that their son was dead four years ago on--where else--the Montel Williams show. Anderson Cooper has been following up on this story (video).

Sylvia Brown would be the perfect villain in an old comic book or Ian Flemming novel; manipulative and sociopathic, a garish overweight eccentric wench with hideous fake fingernails and a bizarre hairstyle who doesn't display a shred of humanity, just a lust of money. She would never fight much herself, like the similarly shaped villain the Penguin, but have an army of henchmen fight off the hero while she escaped in a helicopter, setting up another psychic hotline out of a dingy apartment she adorns with bead curtains and glass figurines.


Watch this.
01.20.2007 |