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Madrassa School Veterans for Truth

The hosts of Fox & Friends are some of the few people in the world that I think I would punch in the face if I spotted on the street. They managed to take the America morning show, which relishes in stupid inspirational stories, celebrity gossip, and testing out the latest gizmos and turn it into a full-fledged propaganda effort.

Here's their latest effort to smear any candidate who doesn't appear to fully accept authoritarianism (video at ThinkProgress).
DOOCY: We should also point out that Barack Obama?s father is the one who gave him the middle name of Hussein. And the thing about the madrassa, and you know, let?s just be honest about this, in the last number of years, madrassas have been, we?ve learned a lot about them, financed by Saudis, they teach this Wahhabism which pretty much hates us.
01.19.2007 |