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New Toon: Hall O’ Fame City

This is something a little different than I normally do. I thought I would commemorate my cross counrty move with a comic about my home town, which houses the Football Hall of Fame. I actually went to high school about 50 yards away from it at McKinley, which is named after President McKinley, whose rotting corpse is also in the vicinity. Canton, Ohio is the birthplace of professional football as the first professional league, comprising teams from all over Ohio, was started there. Then it took America by storm. And you get what we have today.

It can get quite crazy here during Hall Of Fame week (the yearly game and induction into the Hall of Fame). I’ve seen California license plates before. Nuff said.

But nothing compares to Mckinley/Massillon week. The Canton Bulldogs was one of the first teams in that old league and it remains that of my high school. During the yearly rivalry game with the Massillon Tigers (also an original team) things get insane. Imagine two cities and their only purpose is to get their 15, 16, and 17 year olds to play a game with each other. Imagine that Massillon is a small hick town that gives every male child a football in their incubator at Massillon Hospital. Imagine that there are grown men and women who swear nothing but hatred to every man, women, and child born in the opposing town because they have the Victory Bell (don’t ask). Imagine those things, but please don’t move to Canton and experience them.

Someday I want to do a multi-page comic to show you some of the craziness I’ve seen. It’s the biggest High School Football rivalry in the world. 22,000 people attend. It’s the only high school football game Vegas has odds on. The week of the event nothing else exists. There are events everyday; mayoral breakfasts, parades, pep rallies, eating contests, you name it.

Any of this interest you? No? More strips about things you actually give a shit about? Ok. Next week.

01.11.2007 |