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Off To Portland

I'm headed out to Portland tomorrow morning to look at apartments. it's about time I finally escape from Ohio.

So it was interesting to catch an article (via CP) that has to do with Portland, atheism, and the Art Institutes (where I went to school), all reported by the Portland Mercury (a client). According to an atheist student, he was expelled for getting in a religious discussion.
Suspension of Disbelief-Art Student Expelled—For Atheism?
By Amy Jenniges

In the classroom that day, Averill says one young woman was talking about her belief in energy layers and astral beings. "I jokingly asked her if she believed in leprechauns. It turns out, she does. They live on another energy layer,"
Averill says he wasn't trying to disprove the other student's religious beliefs, but "to convince her not to insist that they were scientifically proven."

The student, apparently offended, complained to the teacher. Averill was called into a meeting that evening, he says, with the Art Institute's dean of education, associate dean, and the dean of student affairs.

Read the whole thing.

11.28.2006 |