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Political Correctness on PCP

From the Guardian:
A Spanish town council is to fight machismo on the streets by decreeing that half of all road signs and traffic signals show silhouettes with feminine attributes, such as a skirt, ribbon and ponytail, instead of just the striding man.

"This way we will do away with the sexism that until now has also existed in traffic signs in which only masculine figures appear," Rosalina Guijarro, in charge of traffic and citizen safety for Fuenlabrada, a Madrid dormitory town, said yesterday.

Hmm, yes. Way to stick it to the chauvinists. Perhaps some of the figures should be overweight. We wouldn't want the people to feel they had to attain an unrealistic figure from the fascist traffic signs. Besides the fact that this is all silly, the "Pedestrian Crossing" sign doesn't have any features exclusive to men. I see a head and four appendages (no hands?!). How nice of them to include bowties and skirts on the women. Maybe she could be carrying an oven mitt for even easier identification.

The purpose of traffic signs are for instant readability, not imposing sexist rule over a population.

The backlash against those smug little crossing men is the brainchild of a town council run by the Socialist and United Left parties, which usually focus on better known forms of gender discrimination.
Last year, the government added a clause to civil marriage contracts that required men and women to share the housework and childcare.

Men and women probably should share the same housework, but how exactly does the government plan on observing and enforcing this law?

11.16.2006 |