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New Toon: Science and Morality

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I have been batting around something on the topic of religion and morality for a while and when the Ted Haggard scandal hit I decided it was time to tackle it. Religious people, especially those of the fundamentalist strain, are certain that morality comes from their God and religious texts. If society abandoned their religion, utter depravity would rule the globe. Let's put aside the fact that many societies and cultures have developed outside of the Bible. Let's also put aside the fact that if you actually read the Bible you will be subjected to all manner of barbarisms. Let's just look at the scientific community, which has to be the largest segment of non-religious people in our society. And we do see a difference, it's just not favorable to the religious moralists.

Today's strip is the last of the strips I'm doing for the Seattle Stranger. I may even make a little collection of them to sell at conventions and through the website for anyone that would want them.
11.13.2006 |