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I’ve been listening to Meet the Press as I work on Sundays (available as a podcast!) and they have been hosting a debate every week between candidates in the Senate races. Politicians aren’t known for their honesty, especially during campaign season, but non-answers, weasel words, and pointless attacks have been taken to new heights in recent weeks. I was particularly disappointed with the debate between Mike Dewine and Sherrod Brown, running for Senate here in Ohio. And by “dissapointed” I mean “made my ears bleed”.

Dewine and Brown talked for a half hour straight (usually over each other) and managed to say nothing substantive at all. Every question directed at them was flat out ignored as they launched into the horrible things their opponent had done to make us less safe from terror and who hates the troops and the American worker more. I’ve seen five year olds display more civility and intelligence.

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11.02.2006 |