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A cover for last weeks' Texas Observer. In print, the sign reads "Welcome to Prisonville". The article is on Raymondville, Texas, a small town that has become infamous for housing four prisons:
Their town is home to a privately run, 1,000-bed state prison; a county-run, 96-bed jail with space for federal inmates; a private, 500-bed federal jail; and a recently opened private, 2,000-bed detention center for undocumented immigrants that is a crown jewel in the Bush administration?s border-enforcement policy. The four facilities are clustered on reclaimed grazing land, a bustling village of razor wire and guard towers across the highway from downtown Raymondville. The 3,600 prisoners?one-third of Raymondville?s population?who reside in this penal colony represent the heart of the area?s economy.

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11.01.2006 |