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I have a new comic out that is a bit of undercover comic reporting from a Christian Judgment House. These are a new take on haunted houses which basically serve to convert you to Christianity by showing you hell and other scary sinful acts, or in their words, "just present you with some truth". You can read it online at and at the Humanist News Network website. You can also catch it in print in the Buffalo Beast, Anchorage Press, Chico Beat, and the Rocky Mountain Chronicle.

I also appear on the Humanist news Network podcast this month to talk about Judgment House for a few minutes.

You should definitely listen to the podcast, not for me, but for their interview with Julia Sweeny (famous for her SNL role as Pat). She has a new one woman show called Letting Go of God, about her journey from Christianity to Buddhism to New Age crap to Atheism. The audio samples on her website are great.
10.27.2006 |