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Serializer is back!, a popular site for webcomics, will be relaunching October 22nd with a giant cast of great material. Some of the comics are only available through subscription and won't appear anywhere else on the web. Idiot Box will be included as a free strip along with fellow CWA cartoon Slowpoke (check out her latest by the way). Here's a partial list of the lineup:

• Nick Bertozzi, As Yet Untitled Experimental Comics, then "Drop Ceiling"
• Matt Bors, "Idiot Box"
• Patrick Farley, "Apocamon: The Final Judgement"
• Matt Feazell, "Amazing Cynical Man!"
• Renée French, "micrographica"
• Jenny Gonzalez, "Too Negative"
• Merlin Goodbrey & Douglas Noble, "The Rule of Death"
• Tom Hart, "Hutch Owen"
• Sam Henderson, "The Magic Whistle"
• Jonathan Larabie, "The Minibar Bill"
• Phil McAndrew, "Bean" and/or "Hug the Cactus"
• Metaphrog "Louis - Lying to Clive"
• Eric Millikin, "Fetus-X"
• Jen Sorensen, "Slowpoke"
• Casey Sorrow, "Feral Calf"
• Joda Thayer, "Few and Far Between"
• Jason Turner, "True Loves"
10.19.2006 |