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Finally something not political! I realized just how long it’s been since I did something independent of the news cycle lately…and who doesn’t want to make fun of the New Age movement and Alternative Medicine? Well, maybe you, I don’t know. Most people believe in at least one kooky idea. It’s hard these days to find someone who is truly skeptical and acknowledges empiricism as the only process of determining truth. I’ll be making an attempt over the next few months to do more non-political strips as I have quite a few written that I like.

Judging from my traffic increase in the last year, at least half of you reading this have not even seen the strips in my first book A Pamphlet For Torture Enthusiasts. You should consider buying one. Now that I expended even more of my copies at SPX the supplies are getting low for both of my collections, especially the first one. After they are gone I doubt I’ll make more. The contents of both books are not archived on the site so if you dig the strip, get one!

10.19.2006 |