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I rode the Amtrak back from DC Sunday evening in what was supposed to be a 9 hour ride to Alliance, Ohio. But when a 60 year old drunken hillbilly stole a tractor and left it on the tracks for us to plow into at full speed, it delayed the trip a bit. I was a bit pissed off so I found a 60 year old drunken hillbilly passenger and made him share his whisky with me. 60 year old drunken hillbillies. I love 'em.

I've been busy ever since I got back from SPX early Monday morning busting my hump to get some comics done. I'll be posting a cool new one-pager later this week. Some new products and Holiday deals on existing products are coming in the next month starting with my Johnny Cash shirts, which should be available to purchase by Monday.
10.18.2006 |