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Tony Perkins speaks on why Congressmen want to have sex with teenagers:
When we told up tolerance and diversity as the guideposts for public life, this is what you end up getting.
Who wants to be a part of a movement where "tolerance and diversity" are considered bad--contrary to the teachings of Jesus? Answer: Conservative Christians who worship the guy. Go Figure.

And the recent string of school shootings is to blame on teaching evolution, according to a father of a Columbine victim who has been completely deranged by his faith. (via

What is so bad about America today that religious fanatics hate? By "fanatic" I mean the majority of the nation who believe in creationism and that homosexuality is morally wrong. What point in our past was better? the first century? Dark Ages? the Colonial days of starvation and disease (but with a strong faith in God)? the 50's was a great time to be alive...if you were white. Just when is it that we have declined in our morals?

Our society is not falling apart. Our current culture of sex and violence in movies is not depraved. Slavery was depraved. And it was supported by Christians citing verses from the Bible that support the practice (who were defeated by Christians from the North who had the "correct" interpretation). They have resisted every single advance in our society, including the understanding that the Earth is not, in fact, flat.

And yet these people benefit from every advance in the Science that they fight against. Makes me sick how much airtime they get.
10.03.2006 |